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All of this happens with the involvement of our members. Each event is another chance to show our support, to contribute to our local community, and to grow and strengthen our relationships with fellow fans. Members are the coal that drives the Terminus Legion train and we look forward to you joining us.

Every Atlanta United home match is the opportunity to create a memorable experience. This starts with the pre-match tailgate, full of food, drink, and fellowship, and is followed by the March to the Match, a tradition that has quickly developed into an integral part of Match Day. Then the Match, where Terminus Legion members provide 90 minutes of loud, passionate support regardless of where they sit.

The beautiful game provides an amazing avenue to interact with our communities, and Terminus Legion strives to maximize that opportunity. Whether it is through hands on efforts like coaching or financially through fundraising or attending events that bring attention to those less fortunate, or by working with other charitable organizations, Terminus Legion looks to serve our Atlanta neighbors and beyond. Watch the Terminus Legion feature on MLS' Beyond the Stands

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