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When Quantum Purity was designed and developed, the goal was to reduce the impurities in alcohol by at least 50% focusing on elements that cause the high heat in distilling process that naturally occur. What was discovered is that our patented technology reduced the Ethyl Acetates, Methanol and Butanol levels down to levels never before seen in the alcoholic beverage industry without compromising taste and the results below prove that the technology works.


WHY are METHANOL, BUTANOL and ethyl acetates BAD?

Methanol: Ingestion of as little as one to four ounces can cause irreversible injury to the nervous system, blindness or even death. Methanol can cause poisoning, systemic acidosis, optic nerve damage and central nervous system (CNS) effects. Methanolcan also degrease the skin, which may cause dermatitis. > Read More

Butanol: Like many alcohols, butanol is considered toxic. ... Brief, repeated overexposure with the skin can result in depression of the central nervous system, as with other short-chain alcohols. Exposure may also cause severe eye irritation and moderate skin irritation. > Read More

Ethyl Acetate: Ethyl acetate is highly flammable, as well as toxic when ingestion or inhaled, and this chemical can be seriously damaging to internal organs in the case of repeated or prolonged exposure. Ethyl acetate can also cause irritation when it comes into contact with the eyes or skin. > Read More

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